Sunday, December 11, 2011

How this got started

One of our members was caring for her grandchild and wondered why she was sort of down.  After coaxing it our of here the story was that the child was being bullied on the school bus.

She contacted the school administration and found that there was a major lacking in help for this problem.  After talking with friends they decided to tackle the problem.  First on the agenda will be to solve the problem at bus stops.  The Transportation Director for the Greenville Schools knows where the problem areas are.  An adult presence at the bus stop should stop most of the problems.

It also occurs on the bus.  Bus drivers have a real job just maneuvering through traffic.  Taking your eyes off the road for an instant can be disastrous and an adult presence there should solve the problem.

Other areas down the road include playground monitoring and mentoring.

More about that later.

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